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All Campuses, All Groups, All Together in the Psalms

We are launching a six-week sermon series on the Psalms on May 3. During each week of the series, all of our groups at all of our campuses will be discussing the same Psalm. If you’re not currently in a group, this is a great opportunity to get connected to others at your campus in a meaningful way. Just fill out the form and jump in.

WHO | This is for all adults at The Chapel. We are in this together. We are better together. (New Home Groups are forming based on the campus you attend, and will take into account your location and demographics to find the right fit.)

WHAT | A new way to connect, grow in faith, and dig in to God’s Word together.

WHEN | Groups will start May 3 and run for six weeks during our Psalm sermon series. Each week is a stand-alone session, so there is no harm starting a new group after the first week.

WHERE | Groups of 8 - 10 individuals will meet virtually via Zoom and potentially in local homes (following government guidelines and based on personal comfort levels). If you are willing to host a group, you can state that when you register. Meeting outside is another option, weather permitting.

WHY | Because the Christian walk is best done together. There are opportunities to connect, care, pray for, and sharpen one another.

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Home Group FAQs

When will Home Groups meet?

There is great flexibility to convene at a time that fits everyone best and the group leader can set a meeting day and time that works for the group. You can speak into your availability on the registration form.

When can my group begin meeting in person?

The 'Stay Safe at Home' order for Ohio is set to expire on Thursday, May 29. With that, groups who desire to do so may begin meeting in person. Remember, there are a variety of comfort levels and family dynamics to take into account as your group decides how to proceed. The last thing we want to see is newly-formed relationships suffer because we moved too fast.

If, after good discussion and 100% agreement, your group is ready to meet in person, beginning Sunday, May 31, then we have compiled a list of best practices to stay safe.

Here are some in-person best practices and/or things to consider:

  • Meet outside on a patio, at the park or in a pavilion.
  • Everyone bring your own hand sanitizer / disinfectant.
  • Everyone bring your own refreshments to guard against cross-contamination.
  • Wear masks, especially if indoors.
  • Adhere to 6-ft. social distancing.
  • For families with kids who won’t social distance, it may be necessary to stay in Zoom mode.
  • Be as accommodating as possible for those that are Zoom'd in to a physical gathering. Set the laptop up to see as much of the group as possible, turn the volume up, etc.
What about children? Are they welcome at the in-home sessions? If so, do they count toward the 8-10 person rule?

Children are welcome at in-home sessions, but they do count towards whatever the government mandated maximum is at that time. We will need to be flexible and creative, using Zoom where needed.

I missed the start. Can I still join?

Absolutely! Each week of this Psalms sermon series is a stand-alone session. You can join at any time.

If I’m already part of a campus group or home group, should I join one of these too? Are they the same or different?

If you are already part of a campus or home group, there is no need to register for a new one. Your current group leader will be in touch regarding how your group will be participating in the all-church discussion of these Psalms.

What happens after the six-week sermon series is completed? If I join a group and love it, can I stay a part of the same group when things go back to normal?

At the end of the six weeks, your commitment is fulfilled. However, if you love your home group and want to stay together, we will celebrate that.