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Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19-20

Our outreach vision is to welcome and befriend diverse peoples in our city and the world through the love of Jesus Christ, forming Biblical Communities.



  • Largest Religion:  Buddhism  85.1%
  • % Evangelical Christians:  1.6 %
  • Official Language:  Khmer
  • Population:  15.8 Mil.
  • Mission Partner:  Asia's Hope
  • The Chapel Outreach:  Extending Mercy to orphan children and Equipping leaders through the younger generation to build the church of Jesus Christ in Cambodia.
  • How to Support:  Pray the children that are rescued.  Give financially to the work of Asia's Hope.  Go on a short-term Vision/Mission trip to Cambodia.
  • We support two homes with around 25 children each. One home in a village of Prek Eng and another home in the city of Battambang. We also are supporting a project to build two new homes in Battanbang for yet-to-be-rescued children.
  • Please visit and like our Facebook Groups for each home to see updated photos & videos:


  • Largest Religion:  Hinduism  80.9%
  • % Evangelical Christians:  2.2 %
  • Official Language:  Hindi
  • Population:  1.3 Bil.
  • Mission Partner:  Good Shepherd Church of India
  • The Chapel Outreach:   Establishing new churches in Northwest India and Equipping pastors and church leaders in Northwest India churches. Also, Extending Mercy by helping support schools and medical outreaches.
  • How to Support:   Pray for strength and boldness for the pastors in Northwest India and that God uses all our support efforts to reach the oppressed and marginalized in India. Commit to sponsoring Northwest India with pastors so that they can continue ministering the Gospel in their tribal community. Go on a short-term Mission trip to help train, empower, and provide for physical needs to the people of India.


  • Prominent Religions:  Zionist and Animism or Ancestral Worship 43%
  • % Evangelical Christians:  11.1%
  • Language:  Portuguese, Tsonga & Shangaan
  • Population:  27.2 Mil.
  • Mission Partner:  World Relief Mozamique & Local Village Churches.
  • The Chapel Outreach:  Establishing new churches in the Gaza Province. Partnering with local churches to Equip & train Pastors and church leaders.  Also, Extending Mercy in helping to provide agricultural fields and clean water stations.
  • How to Support:  Pray that Mozambican Pastors and church leaders are strengthen to stand for the truth of Christ and not give into the cultural religions.  Also pray that God uses the relief work for the advance of the Gospel.  Give financial to the relief work and church empowerment as well as go on short-term mission trips to help teach and support the local ministry in Mozambique.


  • Largest Religion: Buddhism  52%
  • % Evangelical Christians: 1.8 %
  • Official Language: Vietnamese
  • Population: 93.8 Mil.
  • Mission Partner: Pastor Minh Dang (Vietnamese Church at The Chapel)
  • The Chapel Outreach: Establishing new churches through out Vietnam and equipping & strengthening leaders in existing churches.  Also, coming along side churches in Vietnam to help them Extend Mercy in their local community.
  • How to Support: Pray for strength and boldness for Vietnamese Pastors.  Give financially to help build new churches in Vietnam.  Go on a short-term mission trip to help churches do local outreaches.

Yucatan, Mexico:

  • Prominent Religions:  Maya Religion & Catholicism
  • % Evangelical Christians:  8.3%
  • Language:  Mayan & Spanish 
  • Population:  126 Mil.
  • Mission Partner:  Mission House
  • The Chapel Outreach:  Establishing new churches in the Yucatan Peninsula, Equipping and training pastors and leaders in the Yucatan and Extending Mercy by helping support the local church to do medical and community outreaches.
  • How to Support: Pray that God would strengthen the church to grow and reach out to the region of the Yucatan in Mexico.  Give financially to the church planting work in the Yucatan. Go on a short-term Mission trip to help train, empower, and provide for physical needs to the people of the Yucatan Peninsula

Global Lead

The purpose of Global Lead is to serve those in ministry through training and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication. Global Lead engages Biblical and globally transferable principles in their trainings to speak the heart and skills of Christian leaders globally.

View Global Lead's website HERE

Women for Oppressed Women, WOW

In the name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God, WOW–Women for Oppressed Women, seeks to meet the needs of women locally and around the world who are emotionally, physically or spiritually oppressed. This group of mission minded women help raise awareness and funds to support the outreach ministries of The Chapel.
See more at www.wow-ministry.org.

Chapel Urban Ministries

  • Outreach ministry to kids and their families – We partner with 3 Akron public schools, right in our back yard doing programs such as Good News clubs, Holiday Outreaches, Coats & Backpacks for Kids, Tutoring, and more.

  • Food Ministry – We help meet the needs of those in our community who are struggling and needing help through providing food. Pick up a bright yellow bag the third Sunday of the month. Inside you will find a list of what is most needed. Please provide what you can and bring your filled bag the following Sunday. 

Internationals Ministry

Akron Internationals

AI is The Chapel's outreach ministry to International students at The University of Akron. Our goal is to build friendships and help with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We love helping the foreigner and sojourners in our city.
Here are ways you can help:

ESL - English Classes

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30am during the school year. Come help teach or serve to bless those learning English. Click HERE to sign up as a volunteer.

Refugee Outreach

Refugees from around the world find their way to Akron. The Chapel is situated in a unique position to help meet their needs in a variety of ways. Thrive, a mentoring ministry for middle and high schoolers, offers a program for students that do not fit other organizations scope of service. We also partner with a local missionary in North Hill to bless families who send their young children to our church.

For more information, contact judy.gramyka@thechapel.life.

Local Outreach Partners

The Chapel partners with local ministries in Akron to effectively meet the needs and reach out to the people of our city with the love of Christ.

Women for Oppressed Women, WOW

In the name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God, WOW–Women for Oppressed Women, seeks to meet the needs of women locally and around the world who are emotionally, physically or spiritually oppressed. This group of mission minded women help raise awareness and funds to support the outreach ministries of The Chapel.
See more at www.wow-ministry.org .

18+ Coed Floor Hockey

Christ-centered competitive Floor Hockey league plays in the Akron Campus Gym on Tuesday nights (7-10pm) seasonally. Fall session begins in September; Spring session starts in April. Fee: $30. For more information, contact Ryan at ryanr@akronymca.org.

Akron Inner City Soccer Club 
Christ-centered Inner city soccer club meets to practice soccer together indoors in the Akron Campus Gym. Club works on soccer drills and spends time in the Word of God together: Soccer and the Word! Meets each winter starting in November. For more information, contact Mina at minashahata@gmail.com.

Fast Break Basketball
Christ-centered High School Basketball League plays Saturday games in the Akron Campus Gym. In addition to playing competitive basketball, this league also teaches students the significance of the Gospel of Christ. Season starts in January and runs through March. For more information, contact Brad Lingenhoel at blingenh@akron.k12.oh.us.


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Outreach Prayer Calendar - October 2017

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21, 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to go further and be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Supporters are those who pray, help raise funds, support with resources, and prepare them for their cross-cultural mission. Each person is important and needed as we desire to take the Gospel of Christ into the world and make disciples of the nations.

This page is dedicated to supporting Local and Global Outreach focuses and our missionaries through prayer. God hears our prayers and is moved to accomplish His will and ways in and through His people. We have His promise that the fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. (James 5:16-18)


Chapel Urban Outreach  Lisa Marshall: Please pray fervently for Lisa and son Mason (& families) in the recent loss of her husband Mike and Mason’s dad. Please pray for Lisa’s transition and the Urban outreach team because there will be some changes to the 2017 Fall Ministry and adjustments made accordingly.

Internationals Outreach – Stephen Morris: Praise the Lord for the recent great Fall Getaway retreat! We were able to connect well with students, and they had a wonderful time. Pray for the relationships that were built that weekend and that the students would be open to deeper discussions and to hearing the gospel. Pray that God would continue to move among a group of students who come from a closed country.

Mozambique Outreach – Mike & Shelise Boso: Please pray for strength and guidance as Pastor Benedito ministers to all the needs in the new church plant in Macalawane. This church is made up of many young people who are also young in their faith. Pray that God would grant him wisdom as he teaches and leads the church in Macalawane. Please pray for the 6 leaders from the Macalawane church plant who Pastor Benedito has sent and we are supporting to go to a 3-month Bible training in Maputo. These are people who show godly character and desire to serve in the church. Their names are Florencia, Ofelia, Ana, Felex, Tereza, and Alcinda.

J & MWorking in Asia

- Praise God for generally good health and ask for His protection in the midst of challenging times.

- Pray for continued smooth adjustment to school for their young grandchildren.

- Pray for God’s hand of wisdom as J leads the Good Shepherd Church movement.


Local Refugee Outreach  Nancy WarePlease pray for the teen refugee boys to be deeply rooted in Christ; it appears they are putting sports as their 'god'. Please pray for my completion of ministry partner team. Please pray for Aye (16 yrs. old) to know Christ as her Savior.

India Outreach  Doug Lauer: Pray for the ongoing eternal impact of a recently completed Pastors’ Conference. Continue to pray for these pastors (including their families and churches) working on the front-line of ministry in a place that can be very hostile. Pray that God would provide His teaching team for the next Pastors’ Conference tentatively scheduled to begin on February 2, 2018. Please pray that God uses the 2 new church buildings that have recently been built in the tribal communities.

• Denise Rasicci: Serving with SEND International in Japan

- Pray that the October 22nd Welcome Day at church – a time when the Christians in the church invite family and friends to join them – will also be a time when our English contacts and church neighbors also will want to attend.

- Pray for Rei, a 20-year-old who recently became a Christian and is being baptized on October 29th. Pray that he continues to grow in his newfound faith.

- Praise God for the many Christians who recently attended English camp and were bold to share their faith with other campers. Pray that they continue to be as bold to share with family and friends as they return to their daily lives.


Yucatan Outreach – Todd Lewis: Please continue to pray for the 8 churches that have been planted in the Yucatan. Also, pray for the WOW (Women for Oppressed Women) for their involvement in selling the hammocks to help raise funds for the ongoing ministry in the Yucatan. Please pray for upcoming 2018 Short Term Mission trips and the continual patience for the planning process for these trips. A Special-Needs Short Term Mission trip has been postponed. Please pray for the Troyers who have a heart to lead this trip that the doors will open someday for that to happen. Please pray for Mauricio as he is making transition here in the states.

• Dr. B: Serving in Asia 

- Pray for Dr. B as she leads the Good Shepherd Healthcare Initiative.

- Pray for her marriage and for guidance as she parents her three small boys.

- Pray for wisdom and guidance as she leads this large initiative during these very challenging times.


Cambodia Outreach – Amy KolbCambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen is up for re-election on July 29, 2018. Many observers believe that if the campaign and elections were truly fair, Hun Sen and his party could not possibly win. But it is now clear that Hun Sen is determined to hold onto power using any means necessary. Over the past few months, the Cambodian government has been actively shutting down dissent: kicking out Western NGOs that criticize the regime, canceling licenses for independent radio and TV stations and arresting opposition politicians. The good news is that Asia's Hope is a non-political organization with 100% Cambodian leadership in-country; we remain a low priority for interference. Also, please pray for the process of connecting sponsors to children in BB11 and soon BB12 homes.

B & E: Serving in Central Asia

- Praise God that E was able to complete an intensive course in educational therapy and that it will bear fruit as she uses it daily to help one of their children who has learning struggles.

- Pray for B as he reaches out more widely to the community to offer clinical services, that the Lord would guide the outreach and that those who really need help will come.

- Pray for the staff and family, for deep relationship with the Savior and for joy in the journey.



The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Cor. 5:20) and tell through their life the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and we as a church support a number of missionaries in different parts of the world who fulfilling our Global Outreach vision of establishing churches, equipping leaders and extending mercy to different countries. We have Chapel supported missionaries that are focusing on areas of the world God has led us to as a church to focus on and we have Chapel missionary partners who are members of our church family called out by God to go to other places in the world to proclaim Christ’s love and plan.

Chapel Missionaries



Dan and Lucia, serving with Wycliffe in West Africa.

Todd and Heather, serving with Operation Mobilization in South Africa.


Lucky and Sonnet Mnisi, serving in Mozambique.



Stephen and Carolyn Crockett, serving with New Tribes Mission in Asia Pacific.


Brian and Tricia Pottinger, serving with Extreme Response in Indonesia. 


Denise Rasicci, serving with SEND in Japan.


Donna Schaber, serving with Christar in the Philippines. 



Sherri Ens, serving with SEND in the Republic of Macedonia.


Craig and Carol Lynn Rucin, serving with Pioneers in Poland.


Amber Smith, serving with Pioneers in Poland. 


(The following do not have photos available)

Brandon and Hannah, serving with TEAM.

Jeff and Sharon, serving with Christar.

Gregg and Rawda, serving with PI.

Brian and Elizabeth, serving with Interserve. 

Phyliss, serving with Interserve.

Shodi and Gulnora, serving with Child Evangelism. 



Minh and Xuan Dang, serving with Spiritual Light Ministries in USA/Vietnam.


Bill and Sally Dyck, 
serving with Wycliffe Translators in South Carolina.


Chuck and Peggy, serving in New Jersey and the Middle East.


Tim and Judi Walton,
 serving with Bridges International.


Nancy Ware, 
serving with World Venture in refugee outreach in Akron.


Chapel Missionary Partners


Nathan & Danielle,
serving with Christar in Albania.