meet our team


Our ministry goal is to be all about people discovering their gifts, managing their finances and using their time to fulfill their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ. For every season of life we want to offer multiple opportunities to equip and empower people to live as good and faithful servants.


Since joining the Stewardship team, my heart has been transformed in the belief that God owns it all, and everything I have comes from Him. My desire is to help people identify and use their God-given talents and resources to be good stewards and bring honor to Him.


Stewardship is at the heart of all the Bible teaches. Understanding that God owns it all and that what we do with the time, talent, treasure and influence we have is a means to glorify God. Being a good steward provides us the abundant life in our vocation, marriage, family and relationships with others which allows us to live generously and with contentment. Helping others grow in this understanding and experience is a passion and keeps me learning as well.


Stewardship begins with an understanding that God is the ultimate giver. As our hearts are transformed, we begin to understand all He has done for us, producing a deep gratitude. When we’re grateful, we’re generous. I seek to be truly generous and to share that attitude with others.


Stan Toler, author of Give to Live, says it far better than I can: “Many people think that when you share a blessing, you lose half of it. In reality, sharing a blessing is like sharing the flame on a candle; it spreads the light. When you share the good things God has given, you increase the blessing. It never diminishes one bit. We serve a God who delights in blessing his people; generous in every way. And He blesses us so that we can in turn bless others.”