staff list

Executive Management Team

Tim Armstrong Senior Pastor, Akron
Jim Mitchell Executive Pastor, Akron
Todd Schreiner Outreach Pastor, Akron
Michael Johnson Finance Director, Akron


Ben Abbott Technical Director, Akron
Anita Adams Campus Manager, Wadsworth
Tim Armstrong Senior Pastor, Akron
Carmen Beasley Director of Women’s Ministry, Green
Jessica Berry Hospitality Coordinator, Akron
Rhonda Birti Women’s Ministry Asst. Dir., Akron
Brian Bishop Worship Admin. Asst., Akron
Gabriel Black Video Intern, Akron
Alan Bowdler Church Planter in Residence, Akron
Sandy Boyd Food Service Manager, Camp Carl
Nate Brawn Middle School Director, Akron
Steve Browning Worthy Walk Executive Director, Akron
Micah Bucy IT Specialist, Akron
Steve Bucy Pastor of Care, Green
Byron Burns Worship Pastor, Akron
Jerry Bush Camp Carl
Amy Butcher Human Resources Manager, Akron
Josiah Callahan Student Ministries, Wadsworth
Mike Castelli Campus Pastor, Green
Troy Casto Facilities, Green
Dan Cooper Young Adults Director, Akron
Emily Crane Accountant, Akron
Adam Crawford Director of Middle School, Green
Jane Day Creative Arts Exec. Asst., Akron
Billie Davies Admin. Asst. Care, Green
Randy Davis Facilities, Akron
Zac Derr Campus Pastor, Wadsworth
Emily Dickey Choir & Orchestra Director, Green
Don Douglass Horse Barn Manager, Camp Carl
Deering Dyer New Campus Development Director, Akron
Ralph Flynn Maintenance, Akron
Kali Foster-Brandon Director of Local Outreach, Green
Jamie Fuller Servant Coordinator, Green
Dawn Garee Admin. Asst. Kids Ministry, Green
Carolyn Gehrett Nursery Coordinator, Green
Josh Graham Music Director, Akron
Judy Gramyka Outreach Admin. Asst., Akron
Daniel Hanchey Worship Leader, Green
Mike Hang Maintenance, Green
Tim Harlos Pastor, Cuy. Falls
Elayne Hazlett Accounting Assistant, Akron
Jonathan Hill Worship Director, Wadsworth
Anthony Hubin Creative Arts Pastor, Akron
Adam Huffman IT Specialist, Green
Lisa Huffman Facility Coordinator, Green
Michael Johnson Director of Finance, Akron
Shelley Johnson Care Admin. Asst., Akron
Chase Jones Church Planter in Residence, Akron
Hayley Jones College Admin. Asst., Akron
Charlie Justice Facility Manger, Green
Tammy Kennedy Executive Assistant, Akron
Colleen Koladzinski Stewardship Development Director, Akron
Todd Kovach HVAC Specialist, Akron
Laura Krstolic Admin. Asst. Worship, Green
Danielle Lambert Designer/Marketing Manager, Akron
Beverly Lauper Food Service, Green
Josh Lough Spiritual Maturity Pastor, Akron
Tim Marrero High School Director, Akron
Lisa Marshall Urban Ministry Director, Akron
Jeff Martell Spiritual Maturity Pastor, Green
Nathan Martin Facilities, Akron
Colin Mattoon Church Planter in Residence, Akron
Eric McDonnell Children’s Director, Kenmore
Jim Mitchell Executive Pastor, Akron
Stephen Morris Outreach Asst. Director, Akron
Monica Murphy College Intern, Akron
Gary Myers Maintenance, Akron
Rhonda Neumeyer Campus Manager, Akron
Stephen Neumeyer Cuy. Falls Campus Pastor
LT Newland Worship Leader, Cuy. Falls
Mark Nixon Maintenance, Green
April Norton Campus Pastor Admin. Asst., Green
Joe Novak College Resident, Akron
Wendy Nowak Director of Kids Ministry, Green
Thomas Ostroski Video Intern, Akron
Dan Pais Stewardship Program Manager, Akron
Bobbie Parham Hospitality Coordinator, Green
Terri Pearson Admin. Asst. Spiritual Maturity, Green
Happy Peterson Pastor of Family Ministry, Green
Vince Peteya Facilities Director, Akron
Gary Pierce Volunteerism Director, Akron
Amy Santuomo Office Manager, Camp Carl
Dale Saylor Pastor of Sports & Spiritual Maturity, Green
Collin Schaefer Facilities, Green
Joe Schaefer Campus Administrator, Green
Quinn Schaefer Media Producer, Green
Todd Schreiner Outreach Pastor, Akron
Andrew Sharkey Facilities, Akron
Todd Sharkey IT Manager, Akron
Kay Lynn Shetler Kids Coordinator, Green
Ryan Shumway Director of High School, Green
Brent Sickel Family Pastor, Akron
Ramona Sisler Admin. Asst. Family Ministry, Akron
Cara Smith Women’s Ministry Director, Akron
Jennifer Smith Elementary Director, Akron
Karen Smith Preschool Director, Akron
Lori Smith Family Admin. Asst., Akron
Kayli Sommers Graphic Designer, Green
Kyle Pruitt Facilities, Green
Pam Spencer Facilities, Green
Brenda Staton Facilities, Green
Jeff Stout Maintenance Technician, Akron
Tom Sullivan Director of Camp Carl
Melissa Trew Communications and Graphics, Green
Amy Troyer Coordinator of Special Needs Ministry, Green
Chuck Trumbo Maintenance, Green
Isaac Van Epps Pastor of Care, Akron
Ger Vang Production Arts Asst., Green
Nicki Voyles Admin. Asst. Women’s Ministry, Green
Kaitlin Warner College A2 Intern, Akron
Megan Warner Video Producer, Camp Carl
Ben White Campus Pastor, Kenmore
Jordan Work Video Producer, Akron
Rick Zuercher Director of Worship, Green