prayer calendar

August 2019

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Brian & Elizabeth serving in Asia  Praise the Lord that an elderly man came to know Jesus during a visit the local pastor and Brian made to him.  He got baptized a couple weeks ago!  Pray that the local church would be able to help this new believer to grow in the Lord. Pray that the Lord would bless the work of the clinic where Brian works and that it would be protected from the devil’s schemes. Pray that God would reveal the supremacy of Christ to a family of local Muslim ladies who babysit for Brian and ElizabethThe daughter of one of the local ladies was having nightmares, and Elizabeth shared with the lady a story from the gospels about Jesus’s power to heal as well as His great power over the spiritual world. 

Nancy Ware – Refugees in North Akron – Praise God for a great ending to summer school. Praise God for the super response to the backpacks.  Ask God to use the backpacks to draw each child and family to Christ. Pray for wisdom as we plan for the Fall.

Cambodia Outreach – (Director: Amy Kolb)Please pray for The Chapel team, led by Stephen Morris, going to visit our 4 homes/kids in Cambodia July 29- Aug 11.  Pray for unity, flexibility, and God-dependence for them.  Pray their view of God increases as they see Him working across the globe. Also, please pray our kids in Cambodia continue to learn of God’s love and that their love for His Word would continue to increase.


Pastor Benedito in Mozambique Pastor Benedito is meeting with village leaders to discuss a property in Muhotwene for a crusade.  He is also looking to start his home in Macalawene and is needing wisdom for a sustainable business investment to supplement his support. He plans to visit Pastor Vasco in Koca-Messiva to help him do follow up from this year’s crusade. Pray for Lucia (his wife) as she leads the woman and children ministry at Macalawene and also maintains the family needs. 

International Outreach – (Director: Stephen Morris) – Continue praising God for the lives of students that He has touched and is drawing to Himself. Pray for our final summer picnic, Aug. 16th. Pray that God would begin drawing the hearts of the new international students coming to the university in the fall.

Chapel Urban Outreach – (Director: Lisa Marshall) Praise God for a great summer at Leggett with Camp Learn-A-Lot!  We had 11 children express they received Christ and many who affirmed their salvation by sharing that they had received Christ at Good News Club or at camp in previous summers.  Pray that these young ones will grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray also for this Fall as we will have Good News Clubs in Mason, Leggett, McEbright and Glover.  We need volunteers to help serve at these schools to share the gospel and build relationships.


Todd and Heather in various countries  The Lord continues to bring healing in the sudden loss of our oldest daughter, Elise (March 2016). Our son-in-law remarried a godly young woman in January and has quickly become part of our clan.  Todd & Heather are part of the leadership for OM’s pre-field training called the Go Conference, which takes place from August 16-30th in The Netherlands. Pray for the 125+ new missionaries that will attend this conference and then head out to 30+ nations. Pray for the participants and volunteers: safety, health, energy, focus, unity, adjustment and transition (especially for families).

Mozambique Outreach – (Director: Michael Boso) Praise the Lord for the Church dedication in Macalwane and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit working in our recent short-term mission trips and with our partners in the ministry therePlease pray for God’s leading and guiding to do outreaches in 2 other villages called Mukotwene and Sanguati where our partners sense God’s leading to plant churches.

India Outreach – (Director: Doug Lauer)  Continue to pray for all the Good Shepherd Church of India’s, pastors from our designated state, that God will keep each of them close to Him and direct their paths as they seek to serve Him in an area that can be very hostile at multiple levels. Pray that their Chapel support will be uninterrupted over the summer months. Pray for the next Pastors’ Training Conference that begins in late August and for the next Teacher Training Conference in mid-October. Pray for Todd, Richard, Tom, Nevin and their families as they travel there in late August.


Bill and Sandy Dyck in various countries  In the Fall, Sally will begin home-schooling their two grandchildren who live next door. She plans to stay engaged as a development coach in her Wycliffe assignment. Praise God for good health and energy. There is a great celebration planned for three Quechua Bibles on August 25-29. The Bibles were printed in Korea and are being shipped to Peru. One of them, the Huamalies Quechua Bible, was delayed—this has caused a great bit of anxiety. Please pray that the Bibles will all arrive in time, that many copies will be distributed and that these Quechua brothers and sisters will rejoice in God’s Word in their own language. 

Vietnam Outreach Over the last 4 years have now helped established 8 Love Homes, or Bible Fellowship groups, and from those Love Homes we have had 3 churches planted. Please pray that God would strengthen and grow the 5 Love Homes into full church plants. Pray that God would help the 3 new church plants remain steadfast to His Word and empower them to reach out to those in their village community. Also, pray that God would lead and guide them to reach out to other tribal people groups who seem hard to the Gospel message, like the Tay and Yao people. And please pray for God to give them wisdom for some of their new outreach efforts to reach the tribal people.

Yucatan Outreach – (Director: Todd Lewis) Continue praying that God would strengthen the multiple churches that have been planted throughout the Yucatan.  Pray that their leaders would continue to grow in their leadership skills and that they would have a strong team around them to reach more in the community. Please pray that the churches that have been established would grow stronger in Christ and reach out to their village communities. Praise God that we established an activity center near the church in the village of San Marcos. Also, praise God for 3 Chapel STM teams this summer to support and serve our missions partners.