prayer calendar

August 2018

God hears our prayers and is moved to accomplish His will and ways in and through His people. We have His promise that the fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. (James 5:16-18)  Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Bill and Sally Dyck with Wycliffe in South Carolina – Praise the Lord for the dedication of the New Testament into the Salasaka Quichiua language! The people of Salasaka, Ecuador are now able to have the New Testament after many years. Please continue praying for Bill as he oversees access to Scripture translations and linguistic products for North, Central, and South America. Pray for Sally as she continues to coach leaders and missionaries throughout the Americas.

Yucatán Outreach – (Director: Todd Lewis) Praise God for his favor shown on this ministry. The board of parents that oversees the local Ichmul middle school has connected with Mission House. They asked to hold their 2018 graduation on Mission House’s property. Half of the town was there and Eli and Selen (our missionaries to Ichmul) were asked to seat at the guests of honor table. This is such a praise because before there was opposition to the ministry. Also praising God that recently 5 people were baptized from 3 of the village churches we have helped establish.

Refugees in Akron, Nancy Ware – Praise God for the large response from Chapel members to provide backpacks, filled with supplies, for the refugee children. Pray that God will use each backpack to draw the child and family closer to Himself. Pray that the boys and girls in Bible studies would continue to grow in their relationship with Christ.


India Outreach – (Director: Doug Lauer) Please pray for all the details surrounding the pastor’s conference for 60 Indian pastors in early September. Pray that all 60 Indian pastors will be able to attend and that their travel will go well as they travel by train for more than a day. Pray these men will be able to arrive on time for the start of the conference. Please pray for The Chapel participants as they prepare teaching materials for this weeklong seminar and that their travel will be safe and timely. Pray that all participants will be greatly encouraged by this week of teaching and fellowship and that God will use this seminar in a mighty way to grow His church.

J&S in S.W. Asia – Continue lifting them up in prayer as they seek to minister to people in their country. Praising God that from January until this present time, 58 people have come to know Christ in their church. Pray for wisdom as the church disciples these new believers. Pray for the church as it is one church merged from 3 church plants. Pray for leadership, transition, and unity.

Mozambique Outreach – (Director: Michael Boss) Pray as we prepare for next summer teams in 2019 that leaders and team members will join in building up the church. Please pray that God would continue to build depth into the leadership in the Macalawane church and that God will strengthen them to be bold to share the Gospel of Christ in their village community. Praise God that over 50% of the church building is now completed.


International Outreach – (Director: Stephen Morris) Please pray for the final Akron International’s summer picnic, Aug 17th. We’ve averaged 100+ students, volunteers, and families at the past two picnics. Pray that we can have a great turnout and develop good connections with students! Pray that God would fill us with His love to welcome and befriend new students on Aug. 21st

T&H Georgia serving with Operations Mobilization – Continue praying for T. in his new role as the associate Area Leader of Catalytic Ministries. This role helps collaborate with the various parts of Operation Mobilization to focus church planting strategies among the least reached. H. has the opportunity to assist in OM’s ‘Year of Prayer’, OM’s effort to encourage their workers to pray for different parts of the world each week during 2018. Pray for strength in schooling as one daughter will finish her undergrad this December and the other will be beginning her second year of studies.

Chapel Urban Outreach – (Director: Lisa Marshall) Please pray for Lisa and her family as this month is the one year anniversary of her husband’s death. She is also in the process of selling her husband’s business equipment for probate and moving out of the house she currently lives in. The urban outreach ministry team has started planning out the school year calendar. Pray for wisdom and guidance as they think through the different activities and outreaches to the students and their families at Leggett, Glover and McEbright elementary schools. And pray that God connects us in a great way for His Glory to the new principal at Leggett School.


Cambodia Outreach – (Director: Amy Kolb) Please pray for the house parents to persevere as they love and care for the children in their homes each and every day. Pray that the house parents would be rooted in Him as they point the children to Jesus. Pray that He would guide our teams from The Chapel this year and that we would be an encouragement to the parents, staff, and children.

Vietnam Outreach – (Director: Todd Schreiner) Please pray that God would strengthen the 5 Love Homes we have helped establish in the Highland areas of Thai Nguyen, North Vietnam. Pray that they would grow into full church plants – their hope is in 2 years they would be full church plants. Pray that God would give the Love Home leaders wisdom and empower them to reach out to other ethnic people groups that are hard to reach like the Tay people; who have less then 1% who are believers in Christ. Pray for the Thai Nguyen Mission Leaders who are going out to neighboring provinces of Yen Bai & Cao Bang sharing the Gospel of Christ – they have already seen over 100 people come to Christ. We are praying that God makes a way to start a Love Home soon in one of these neighboring provinces.