biblical counseling

Life on earth is a journey of ups and downs. There are seasons of great joy and seasons of despair. Our Care Department has established counseling and support ministries to help you through them, encouraging you to grow closer to Jesus along the way.

A discipleship ministry of The Chapel

We all encounter hardships and struggles in our lives, but the Bible tells us that all of these circumstances can be used redemptively to make us more like Christ. We walk, side by side, humbly dependent upon His grace, mercy, strength, while we lean upon his Spirit and Word to lead and guide us.

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus gave us the command to make disciples – learners and followers of Christ. Within Side By Side, we are passionate about coming alongside you in this journey! We deal with a wide range of problems including broken marriages, parent-child relationships, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, tension, turmoil, anxiety, fear, worry, and any number of other problems resulting in mental and physical immobility.

If you consider The Chapel your church home and are in need of strength, hope and clarity on this path, we want to walk alongside of you. Please take some time to complete an intake below.

 If you are in need of Biblical counseling
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If you are interested in studying to become a Biblical counselor

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