young adults faq

Still have some questions that haven’t been answered?
Check out this list of frequently asked questions.


You’re welcome to either take part in Campus Focus, our college ministry (because you’re a student), or you can join us. You know what’s best for you at this time in your life.

What if I just graduated high school but am not going to college?

From a social, spiritual, and mental standpoint, your best option is to jump into Campus Focus, our college ministry, for the duration of a would-be undergraduate career, which is four years. It obviously varies from person-to-person, but some development likely still needs to happen before you join the Young Adults group. Take the time to grow and get to know our Campus Focus crew… then join us!

What if I am a college student over the age of 30?

Even with a ‘student’ status, you’re out of the running for Campus Focus, our college ministry, and 30 is the cap for our ministry as well (with only a few exceptions on a case-by-case basis.) If you need help plugging in elsewhere, we’ll do our best to help you find the right fit.

What if I am under the age of 30, but my fiancé or spouse is over?

If you are in our ministry but your fiancé or spouse is just over the age of 30, he/she is more than welcome to be a part of what we do as long as you’re here. We understand that many engaged/married couples desire to take part in ministry together. You’re also more than welcome to jump into one of the other Adult Bible Fellowships offered by our Spiritual Maturity Department instead. If there’s a larger age gap between you and your spouse, (putting them in their late-30’s, for example), the Young Adults group may not be a comfortable fit for them.

What if I just want to be in a group that’s exclusively young marrieds or singles?

We want to create an atmosphere that allows for organic spiritual growth and discipleship that includes both married couples and single adults in their 20s. You can still connect with those who share your specific circumstance, but we’d encourage you to be intentional about branching out. If you’re 22 years old and married, for example, there’s no reason you can’t be discipled by an unmarried 30-year-old. We believe all of our lives can be enriched by learning from one another, whether single or married.

Why do you meet on Sunday mornings at 9am?

Young Adults is designed to bridge a gap that’s been present in our church for a long time. Practically, it makes the most sense to have our primary gathering on the day that the rest of the body of Christ gathers. This time also gives us a great opportunity to worship together as a community during the 10:40am service.

Am I able to bring my kids to The Breaking?

Absolutely! No formal childcare is provided, but one of the main thrusts of us doing this each month is to provide a space with no agenda other than fellowship and connecting relationally. Because we want to know and share in each other’s lives, we want to know each other’s family, too. So, feel free to bring Little Zachary and his stuffed dog!

Why is the target number for Life Groups 16 people?

The body of Christ is big. Life Groups are meant to shrink it down a bit. When groups like this get too large, intimacy is lost, and it’s much more difficult to go deeper in relationships and build one another up.

If I’m currently in a group that’s full but want to bring a friend, what can I do?

While we want to make groups all-inclusive for any and all to join, we have a target number for a reason (see above). You can certainly invite others, but just know that if they decide to stick around and the group grows well above 16, we may ask you to branch off to begin a new group with those you invited.

Once I’m in a group, am I able to switch groups?

Can you switch groups? Yes. Should you? The short answer is no. For your own sake and for the sake of the group, staying together is a good thing. It fosters intimacy and growth. Sharing in each other’s lives on a deep level happens best when trust is built, and consistency builds trust. This is a commitment, so commit to a Life Group and trust God will grow the bond you build together.

Can I join a Life Group if I don’t have an account on Belong?

Belong is our central communication hub for both individual groups and the ministry as a whole. While you could just show up to a group, we hope you’ll help us out by taking a a few minutes to register in Belong. That way, you’ll be sure to get important details and last minute changes when you need them. If you don’t have an account, see the bottom of the page to get started!

Can I join a Life Group if I don’t attend The Chapel’s Akron campus but attend another church?

Wherever church you identify with, that should be the community you invest in. In order to establish deep relationships with other people, investment is necessary, and it is extremely difficult to invest in multiple groups at the same time. If you currently don’t have a church home, you’re more than welcome to join a group and hopefully make The Chapel your home. Our Director of Young Adults is always available to talk through your specific circumstances if you have more questions.

Why are Life Groups only on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday?

We have chosen not to schedule Life Groups on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Here’s why: Wednesday evening is The Chapel’s primary midweek program night, with many opportunties to serve in Family, Women, Disability and other ministries. Not everyone feels the tug to serve midweek, but we want to provide the space for it if you do. Friday evening means the weekend is here, and after a tough work week, we want our crew to have a social life!