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Saturate Sermon Series

At the Chapel, we firmly believe in the importance of planting churches that God uses to "saturate' our communities and neighborhoods with the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Our neighborhoods are filled with many who could be called, "the walking dead" - those who have life, but who have not yet found the freedom and true life that can only be found in the redeeming love of Jesus. We believe the best and most effective way to reach those around us and be used by The Holy Spirit in our communities, is to plant vibrant, life-giving churches to grow the body of believers, and reach our neighbors as modeled in the early church.

Acts 2:42 says "And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

This is the example given to us for the gathering of the local church. Also note that the Bible repeatedly uses the Greek word "Ekklesia" to describe "the church" gatherings. It is important to understand, the difference in the way the church is described in the NT versus the way our culture defines it here. This Ekklesia refers to the gathering of all people to a public area or meeting place. It is when the people gather to worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and learn of Him more - this is the "church". So when we talk of planting churches, we mean this. We mean the process where God takes a man He has called and places him in the community to lead and gather together in Ekklesia with the people of that community to worship and learn together - this is "planting a church". God-willing that place will grow to have a building they call home and the needs of the church would continue to be met by the congregation/community, but they are not required in order for the local church to exist.

At The Chapel, we have 2 areas of focus that we believe God has called us to with regards to Church planting, and they are key parts to our master vision with our ministry. The first is what we call "10 in 10". This is our strategic and prayerful goal of planting 10 churches in 10 years in the NE Ohio region of the country. We understand, that we can only do this if God provides the resources, but we consistently pray and work towards Him blessing that ambitious goal. The other area is what we call "The Saturate Movement" and it is a movement of the Chapel churches, to plant churches around the country and around the world, that are growing life-giving gatherings of His people. This movement also covers and includes our vision for training and raising up resident pastors and interns that God brings to be sent out into these churches.

We are thankful you came to this page to learn more about these key initiatives of The Chapel. If you would like to learn more, you can read more on The Saturate Movement by following the link below. If you are interested in learning more about 10 in 10 or would like to be involved in planting, supporting, or praying for "The Saturate Movement" and "10 in 10", please contact us by emailing us at INFO@SATURATEMOVEMENT.LIFE

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