If you recently got engaged, we want to say congratulations!

At The Chapel we are excited about marriage because God created marriage and God makes really good things, including relationships. So we would love to partner with you as you prepare for this awesome lifelong relationship.

Because marriage is a God-thing first-and-foremost, The Chapel seeks to be intentional about who we marry and how we prepare them for marriage. Our goal is to not just do weddings, but to build lasting, God-honoring marriages. In taking steps to achieve this goal we have established some basic requirements for getting married at The Chapel, as well as a process for preparing couples for marriage. If you desire to get married at The Chapel, we ask that you please read over the marriage requirements and preparation packet (link below) which will explain the process of getting married at The Chapel.

Marriage Counseling

Pre/Re-Marital Counseling
The importance of preparing for your marriage cannot be overstated. Therefore, pre-marriage counseling is a requirement. Couples will:

  • Meet with counseling pastor
  • Complete a pre-marriage assessment called Prepare and Enrich
  • Attend eight sessions of our pre-marital counseling.
  • It is also strongly recommended that you attend our 4-session workshop called Healthy Spending either prior to the wedding or within one year of marriage. This is offered twice a year in February & September.

To fill out a Marriage Packet on your computer, click HERE. (Word docx)
To print out and complete a Marriage Packet by hand, click HERE. (PDF)
Please also print and sign the Purity Pledge.

Marriage Mentoring
We are committed to doing life together, therefore after counseling has been completed you will be partnered with a trained marriage mentor couple. This couple will seek to continue to provide support and encouragement through the wonderful flourishing seasons as well as the dry times.

Marriage Retreats
There will be an annual marriage retreat in the spring. More information to come.

Marriage Adult Bible Studies
On Sunday mornings, we have a bible study group that focuses on developing and growing your relationship with Christ and each other. Please consider attending, Honoring Our Vows any Sunday at 9am in room 352.

Marital Counseling
Marriage is like a garden that needs to be faithfully tilled over the years so that the flowers of romance and covenant keeping can blossom over the years.

  • We as your chapel family are committed to walk alongside you and your marriage.
  • We have highly trained marriage counseling couples that are passionate about breathing life into your marriage again.
  • It’s amazing to see what the Lord has done in so many marriages within our chapel family.
  • Please would you consider allowing us to walk beside you?

The first step is to have each of you complete the biblical counseling intake form.

Click HERE for a form to print and complete by hand.
Click HERE for a form to complete on your computer.

If you have any more question or concerns please don’t hesitate to call the Care and Counseling office: 330.315.5530 or email us a shelley.johnson@thechapel.life.