High School Large Group

Sunday Mornings at 9:00am

Our Sunday mornings are designed as a space to learn, explore, discuss, and pray through the Bible in a large-group setting. Our teaching revolves around a four-year scope and sequence where students explore their faith and learn how to put it into action. Students are encouraged to attend the 10:40am worship service with their families or together with other students after the large group time.

High School Small Groups

​Wednesday Nights 6:30-8:00pm (Sept - Apr)

Our Wednesday evenings are designed so each student meets regularly with a small group of students who are in the same stage of life led by at least two carefully selected adult Small Group Leaders. Small Groups are meant to be welcoming and comfortable places where students can ask questions, discuss opinions, receive teaching, and follow Jesus together. See our small-group wall outside the Amphitheater or click HERE for a list of this year’s small group leaders.

The Third Sunday
Third Sunday of the Month 6:30-8:00pm

3rd Sunday gatherings are created to be a comfortable outreach atmosphere for high school students to invite friends to interact with Jesus. This is a fun and exciting atmosphere that incorporates large-group games and Biblical teaching.

S.A.L.T. Second Saturday of the Month

A discipleship training time that will lead students into becoming servant leaders. They will begin discovering their gifts and talents, and start using them for God’s Kingdom.

Yearly Events

Throughout the year we host several different events. Each of these events have their own purpose, but they all exist to create environments where students can grow in one or more of our purposes as a church.

Outreach Events
These events are created with the intention that students invite their friends. We couple an engaging activity with a clear presentation of the Gospel Message so that each student is given the opportunity to hear the truth of Jesus Christ.

An all-night event created as an exciting and engaging way for our students to introduce their friends to our ministry. Our goal is to create an environment where students can see who God is, feel like they belong, and have a ton of fun in the process!

Phase-Specific Events

(A student experiences them once during our ministry)

Exists as a primer on both The Chapel and the Christian life and is required for anyone desiring baptism or membership.

Starting in Summer 2018, the High School Ministry will establish a 3-year cycle for our Summer trips.

Summer Discipleship Conference
A multi-day conference designed to spiritually challenge our students to consider the cost of being a Christian, begin discovering their gifts and talents, and start using them for God’s Kingdom.

Summer Local Outreach Trip
The purpose of this trip is to introduce students to outreach by taking them out of their comfort zone and opening their eyes to how God is moving in other places around our country.

Summer Global Outreach Trip
The purpose of this trip is for high school students to have the opportunity to participate in one of our Chapel international outreach ministries. This will help give students a perspective of the Church worldwide and how they can serve God.

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