Men's Fellowship Bible Study

WHAT is Fellowship Bible Study?

Fellowship Bible Study (FBS) is The Chapel’s new Bible study program for men. This year we will be going through a curriculum called "The Wise Path: A Study of the Book of Proverbs" by Cara Smith, Director of Women’s Ministry.

We will be encountering questions like:

  • What is true wisdom?
  • How do I make wise choices?
  • How do I live wisely in relationship with others?

The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom. It teaches us about the origin of true wisdom and it also gives wisdom for the very practical life issues we all face. The Wise Path uses Proverbs and Scriptures from all over the Bible to reveal God’s plan for a wise life. We will study God’s wisdom on topics like friendship, money, sex, work, the way we use our words, and much, much more.

In this life, we can never avoid suffering, but the book of Proverbs teaches us how we can lessen suffering through wise choices. Most importantly, Proverbs brings us face to face with Christ, who is our wisdom!

WHY Fellowship Bible Study?

  • Uniting Marriages: We are excited that both men’s and women’s groups at The Chapel will be going through the same material because it provides a great opportunity for married couples to spend time in the Word together throughout the week. Even though this material is written by our women’s ministry department, it is not gender specific. It’s an in-depth exploration of the text of Scripture and can be utilized and applied by men and women.
  • Inductive Approach: FBS is more of an inductive study than an instructive one. The inductive approach avoids "giving" biblical truth to the student as we study. Instead, the leader encourages those in his group to think and dig for the answers on their own. In other words, it doesn’t just hand them a fish; it teaches them to fish for themselves. Participants will dedicate 2-3 hours of study each week to the lesson.
  • Authentic Connection: FBS aims to share our lives with one another. We are not simply trying to study the Bible. We are looking to open up our lives through honest discussion about one another’s struggles, concerns, and questions. Each group will have no more than twelve members in order to foster an intimate atmosphere. Five weeks of the study are dedicated to simply sharing our stories with one another. Men need other male friendships in their lives. They need a place to open up and discuss their hardships, as well as help others with the wisdom God has given them. 

WHEN and WHERE are Fellowship Bible Studies?

FBS begins the first week of September and goes through April. There are breaks during the holidays. The location and time of each group is set by the leader. Check back here for a list of available groups and to register.